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Security services

Ti Tan security specializes in supplying security service by human being for different clients and nearly all security and safety fields. Hundreds of Ti Tan’s security guard is well trained specialist knowledge and professional security skill, enough abilities to take over duties at the sites where the very strict security and working behaviour of a professional security guard is required.
Clients’ peace and benefit when using Security Guard of Ti Tan
dich vu bao ve ti tan bao hiem trach nhiem nghe nghiep

Job responsibility insurance
with 21 billion VND, clients feel perfectly secure about the service supplier’s responsibility
dich vu bao ve ti tan nhan vien bao ve chat luong

Verifing curriculums of all security guards
Ti Tan’s ones are recruited from security forces, demobilized soliders and people who are from martial arts club
dich vu bao ve ti tan chinh sach lao dong

Labourer’s policies
clients will not be anxious about labourer’s policies: salary, health insurance, accident insurance, seniority allowance, liability allowance
dich vu bao ve ti tan nhan vien bao ve chuyen nghiep

image and prestige of a company will be raised by professional at working and polite personality in client greeting, quick response ability in cases of emergency
dich vu bao ve ti tan an toan 24 gio

Safety 24/7
professional security guard force, the spare security guard force is always at present to ensure for safety at the site in 24 hours/day, 7 days/week

The Training programme and equipment of Ti Tan’ security guard force
All securiry guards of Ti Tan spend time on the professional and advanced security guard training course with the following contents:
  • Fire Fighting and Prevention professional knowledge
  • Office or company security professional knowledge
  • Basic law in security work
  • Dealing with cases of emergency, medical first aids
  • Marital art, self protected technique, fighting and controlling crime ability
  • Communication skill in security work
  • Introducing and guiding methods in using security and safety equipment
  • English communication in security work
  • Assistant tool operation and use

Security guard of Ti Tan have continuous training program to maintain and improve physical strengh, practise quick response, well handle in cases of emergency. Normal security guard is not able to do like this or clients have to spend expenditure in maitaining the continuous training.

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163 Dang Van Ngu Street, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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